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Bij het einde van het jaar hoort een eindejaarsboodschap, wensen en bedankjes voor jouw klanten. Bedank jouw klanten met een boodschap die bij blijft!

Presenteren in een kleine ruimte

at your office

All you need is a greenscreen and Toster Software to tell your story in such a way that it’s worth watching. We create an environment that is personalized and completes your story. Toster software is as simple as a To(a)ster, so you can use it on your own.

Discover how you can communicate with impact in our 15-minutes demo.


Upgrade your: webinar, online meeting, training program, video’s on your website,… Simple by transforming your environment to a branded 3d environment. 

Get to know all the possibilities for your company in our 15-minutes demo!

reference clients

Eset Toster Software webinar background

3D environments

Get more out of your everyday communication and turn it into an experience. With Toster Software you can have your own branded environment that you can use for various applications and reasons.

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Easy as a To(a)ster

You don’t need a (big) external team. It’s so easy you can do it on your own after a training session. All you have to be able to do is click on the right things

Jan Beuls

Jan Beuls


Toster took my webinar to the next level. Thanks to their studio and software, I was able to choose the exact look that suited my presentation and my company. The fact that the camera points are changed regularly brings the presentation even more to life, and makes it a very pleasant experience to watch.

Marco Piombo


War for talent: everyone is looking for IT profiles.
Thanks to Toster Software, we can easily address new candidates with a personalized video.
We stand out!

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